Freda's Fall


Learning Outcomes for Freda's Fall E-Learning

  1. Describe the risk factors associated with falls.
  2. Describe the different assessment tools that can be used to predict and support the management of people who have had a fall.
  3. Describe how to recognise those at risk of falls.
  4. Describe the interventions and support that can be offered to a patient who has fallen.
  5. Describe the roles of different healthcare professionals in the prevention and management of falls.
  6. Describe outcome measures used for falls.
  7. Identify ways to promote self-management in those with a history falls.
  8. Critically appraise your approach and management of falls.

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How to Use

Click on each link below to view the e-learning.  Please note that if you are using an NHS Trust computer, it's possible that you will not be able to view the content, as you may have an obsolete browser or the streaming video may be blocked at your organisation's firewall.  You will need to view the e-learning from outside your organisation, or ask your IT department to install an alternative browser and make streaming video from 'Vimeo' available on the computer that you are using.

Minimum browser requirements: all modern browsers, or Internet Explorer 9 or later.  If your browser is earlier than this, try installing Chrome.

You do not need a login to view the e-learning content, but will need one to join in the discussion in the online forums... which we hope you will.  Getting a login is very simple and instructions are provided in the e-learning.

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Full Version

We recommend that you complete the full version of the Freda's Fall e-learning, which will take a total of about two and a half hours to complete. If you would like a printed certificate for each part, then this is the recommended route (although you can also get certificates from the disk version - see below).


Part 1 Days 1 and 2.  The events leading up to Freda's fall. We meet Freda, her dog Harry, and her grandson, Max. We see Freda's house and how she lives. She has a fall in her kitchen and is discovered on the floor several hours later by her grandson, who calls the emergency services.
Part 2 Day 2.  The paramedics arrive. They check Freda over and get her into a chair. They run through their Falls Decision Tool and find a 'red flag'; they therefore take Freda to hospital.
Part 3 Day 3.  Freda is in the Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) of her local hospital following her fall.  It's now the following morning and she is seen and assessed by a nurse, a consultant in elderly medicine, and an occupational therapist. They find nothing acute wrong with Freda, but the consultant makes a change to Freda's regular medication, and the occupational therapist gives advice and makes some recommendations and referrals.
Part 4  Days 8-12.  Freda is back at home a few days later. We see some of the changes that have been put in place, but also some issues that still need to be dealt-with. Freda has visits from a re-ablement worker and a community physiotherapist, and attends an appointment with her GP.


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Disk Version 

A version on disk that runs on older browsers and doesn't require an internet connection (but does need the Flash plugin), is also available.  Please use the contact form to request a set of disks. If you are able to burn your own disks, you can download the disk ISO images from the following links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4. Once you have your disks, simply double-click the file 'FredasFallPtx.htm' on each disk.

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View One Section at a Time

If you want to go directly to a particular scene, use the following table to go straight to the section you're interested in.

  Where Who Topics
Part 1a Freda's home

Freda, Harry (the dog)

Trip hazards, 'furniture walking', Freda's mobility, walking aids

Part 1b Freda's home Freda, Harry (the dog)

Trip hazards, pet ownership, the location of Freda's phone

Part 1d Freda's home Freda, Harry, Max (her grandson)

Nutrition, Freda's memory

Part 1e Freda's home Freda

Nutrition, trip hazards, memory

Part 1f Freda's home Freda


Part 1g Freda's home Freda

Personal hygiene

Part 1h Freda's home Freda

Freda's mobility and ability to dress herself, shoes, mobility aids

Part 1i

Freda's home Freda

Freda's memory - is she taking her medication correctly?

Part 1j Freda's home Freda, supermarket delivery person


Part 1l Freda's home Freda, Harry, Max

Freda has a fall in the kitchen and is discovered by Max several hours later. What should you do if you discover somebody who has had a fall?

Part 2a Freda's home Freda, Max, the paramedics

Paramedics' assessment, Falls Decision Tool

Part 3a The Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) at the local hospital Freda, Tracey (a nurse)

Nurse's assessment, rapport with the patient

Part 3b The Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) at the local hospital Freda, Tracey, Dr Dar (consultant in elderly medicine), Matthew (occupational therapist)

Screening tools, risk assessment tool, consultant's assessment (background, home circumstances, memory, nutrition, medication), Freda's compliance

Part 3c The Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) at the local hospital Freda, Tracey, Matthew

Matthew's assessment and recommendations

Part 3d The Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) at the local hospital Freda, Tracey, Matthew, Dr Dar, Max

Matthew and Dr Dar's findings

Part 4a Freda's home Freda, Harry

Freda's mobility, mobility aids, outstanding measures

Part 4b Freda's home Freda, 

Exercises, various interventions

Part 4c Freda's home Freda, Harry, Max

Exercises, medication (dosette boxes), Freda's mood

Part 4d Freda's home Freda

Trip hazards, 'Swedish' trolley

Part 4e Freda's home Freda, Claire (the re-ablement worker)

Claire's rapport with Freda, Freda's acceptance of the changes

Part 4f Freda's home Freda

Freda's acceptance of changes, use of commode, pendant alarm, walking aid

Part 4g Freda's home Freda, Claire

Personal hygiene and appearance, dignity

Part 4h Freda's home Freda, food delivery person

Mobility aids, food deliveries

Part 4i Freda's home Freda, Harry

Changes, improvements, (lack of) trip hazards

Part 4j Freda's home Freda, Johanne (a community physiotherapist)


Part 4k Freda's GP's Surgery Freda, Dr Burch (general practitioner)

GP's review and explanations to Freda


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